Huduma Limited is STFC Food Network+ (SFN) 2020 Sandpit Winner!

July 22, 2021

Project title: IoT Enabled Smart Apiary for Remote Auditing and Healthy Production

Honeybee collecting pollen(Image: SFN+)

A collaborative research project funded and supported by STFC Food Network+, University of Sheffield and UKRI-STFC. Addressing Theme 1: Auditing and Healthy Production with smart technology to monitor beehives.

Insect pollinators are an essential part of Earth’s ecosystems. Recent, catastrophic reductions in pollinator abundance have raised concerns across the world, resulting in national government pollinator strategies. Honey bees are largely managed in apiaries and, as such, are effectively livestock. Human monitoring is necessary to ensure the health and abundance of colonies, including ensuring adequate nourishment, identification and treatment of pests and diseases and opportunistic/predatory honey theft. This management can be costly in terms of time, with physical inspection still the predominant approach. This project seeks to harness the power of modern technology to allow beekeepers, whether commercial or hobbyist, to monitor their colonies remotely. This will allow action to be taken in a timely manner and avoid unnecessary colony disturbance.

For more information, see STFC Food Network+ (SFN) Collaborative Scoping Project 2020 SANDPIT WINNERS.

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