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"I wanted to create a company that pioneered inclusivity, diversity and equal opportunities for its employees, and integrity, honesty and collaboration in its commercial relationships."

Paulette Elliott
Managing Director

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Paulette is the founder and Managing Director of Huduma, and the brains behind Huduma’s core values

"Throughout my career, I have always been determined to introduce change for the better.

When I started Huduma as a contractor in 2010, I not only wanted to create a company that pioneered emerging technologies, but also to be inclusive, with diversity, and equal opportunities for its employees, and integrity, honesty and collaboration in its commercial relationships.

I have 28+ years of experience in delivering and managing telecoms and IT services, and throughout this time have learned the importance of honesty and transparency in business, and the value of a collaborative approach in delivering solutions to clients. Whilst many business consultants do not assist with the hands-on implementation of a practical solution, I am passionate about Huduma’s proactive approach, which I believe gives our clients a competitive edge in their business sector.

Within Huduma, I work with C-level decision makers, managers, individuals and companies across various industries, and outside of Huduma, I help to support young entrepreneurs as a business mentor, and speak at a variety of events throughout the business calendar"

Paulette’s credentials

  • Over 28 years Telecommunications and IT services experience with large enterprises and corporate organisations
  • Hands-on experience delivering and supporting complex technical solutions for global telecommunications customers (i.e. APAC, EMEA, Americas, Caribbean)
  • With 10 years working for global mobile operator Vodafone in a variety of roles
  • Over 8 years’ advising SMEs on business strategy, and collaborating on public/industry funded emerging technologies projects and new business opportunities

Career timeline


Pergamon Orbit Infoline: pre-dates current web and internet search engines as a global source for online information


Cable & Wireless and British Telecom joint venture that established remote internet and flexible working


Launched and demonstrated Alcatel’s roaming mobile GSM/SMS service at Telecom95 Exhibition in Geneva


Worked with Alcatel Bell and China Telecom on a GSM/SMS joint venture in Nanjing, China


Worked with Vodafone to launch Vodafone’s Virtual Mobile Entity, 3G Mobile Messaging, and the TomTom SatNav services


Started Huduma, supporting businesses and business owners through consultancy and mentoring

Michael Elliott

Paulette Elliott Avatar

Michael is a director of Huduma and supports the company in his role as interim finance director

"Since qualifying as a chartered accountant I have worked in a number of businesses in different business sectors and varying in size from SMEs to FT100 companies. I am excited to have the opportunity to support Huduma in implementing a variety of cutting-edge technology projects, and Paulette as she strives to create a business that operates with integrity and in collaboration with its customers."

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