From connected and autonomous vehicles to smart homes and smart cities, the IoT industry has ballooned in recent years and is set to grow even more. At Huduma, we are interested in how the ever-increasing connectivity of our world can impact and change our lives for the better.

The Concept

IoT concept diagram

The Internet of Things in enabling us to run a bath away from home, parallel park hands-free, and even control our heating and energy usage via mobile apps. Huduma is committed to working at the forefront of this emerging industry, helping to commercialise fresh and dynamic IoT products and services that solve real-world problems.

The Process

We collaborate with a number of stakeholders, end-users and regulatory bodies to bring a variety of IoT products and services to life. We are also committed to looking beyond the technical requirements for a product or service to address key IoT-related issues such as security, privacy and safety to ensure that our projects are commercially successful.

Who we work with

Huduma is actively involved in a variety of local IoT initiatives. These include IoT Oxford, and IoT Thames Valley.

The Delivery

We take a holistic approach, taking issues of cybersecurity, sustainability and user trust and acceptance into account.

We deliver IoT products and services that are:

High Performing


Fit for Purpose

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