How the Internet of Things Could Benefit Your Business

December 9, 2017

Defined as the interconnectivity of devices, objects and items, the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise the ways in which ‘things’ collect and share data. As such, this technology presents a fantastic commercial opportunity for all kinds of businesses. Whether small or large, technology-focussed or not, here are some of the ways your organisation could benefit from IoT:

Lower costs

IoT will enable companies to collect and collate more data than ever before, creating scope for companies to reduce their expenditure and refine their processes on a massive scale. From sensors and apps capable of tracking stock to the building of ‘smart’ working spaces fitted with an array of energy-saving tools, IoT has the potential to dramatically reduce overheads and increase company revenue.

Increased productivity

As part of this data-driven focus, IoT is also capable of boosting productivity. Lengthy and time-consuming tasks such as inventory management could soon become partially or even completely automated. Inefficiencies could be ironed out, enabling companies to focus their time and resources on other important tasks. IoT is also paving the way for new collaborative interfaces and technologies. Indeed, the Internet of Things is already helping businesses and project consortiums to improve communications and increase productivity.

New business opportunities and a competitive edge

If your business is willing to innovate, the Internet of Things provides a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the market. In nearly all sectors of most industries, IoT is already emerging and revolutionising products, services, processes and procedures. For example, in healthcare and fitness, wearables and applications are helping professionals to better understand the performance of the human body. Additionally, in logistics, increased connectivity and automation of the delivery chain is enabling companies to massively reduce costs. Across all industries, IoT is opening up fresh avenues of innovation and revenue.

How could your business benefit from The Internet of Things?

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