For many customers in remote locations, sending and receiving parcels is an expensive and time-consuming task.

That’s why we are participating in this pioneering European Space Agency (ESA) co-sponsored project that aims to use RPAS/UAV (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology to deploy a regular, cost-effective and high-performing unmanned parcel delivery service to customers in hard-to-reach locations.

The Concept

RPAS concept diagram

Operating between fixed arrival and departure points, the IPD service will allow parcels to be rapidly despatched and autonomously delivered to remote locations. This reduction in delivery times and costs will enable customers in these hard-to-reach locations to receive parcels much more quickly and efficiently than via traditional means of delivery and dispatch. A combination of secure terrestrial, satellite and BLOS communications will ensure that the craft are always connected and located, putting safety and security at the centre of the service.

This technology and service model has a variety of potential applications. These include regular express courier delivery, high-value asset delivery, and the provision of emergency supplies to disaster areas.

The Process

On track for completion within 36 months, the project incorporates a technical and commercial feasibility study into the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems in parcel deliveries, and will culminate in the eventual demonstration and operation of a live autonomous parcel delivery service.

Who's involved

Led by Head Communications BV, we are partnering and being supported by some world-leading organisations on the project. These include an international terrestrial M2M company, an international satellite communications company, and an international parcel delivery company. 

In addition to creating a sustainable business model for the IPD service, we are also in talks with a number of major regulatory bodies to try and establish guidelines for the use of remotely piloted systems in parcel delivery. 

The Delivery

The live RPAS IPD service will


Be a cost-effective and reliable delivery solution for customers in remote locations


Ensure that RPAS craft are constantly and securely connected and located


Comply with all existing and future flight regulations

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