Taking future technology to current markets

Huduma Limited provides collaborative commercial support and guidance for businesses and project consortiums who are looking to take their innovations to market. Based at Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, we are a young and ambitious emerging and enabling technology consultancy that can help to turn your big ideas into commercial successes.

At Huduma, we know that great innovations need to be supported by even better business plans and service strategies in order to succeed in the marketplace. This is where our experience comes in. Day-to-day, we help businesses and consortiums to take a strategic approach to development and commercialisation. Whether you require hands-on commercial and project support, assistance with identifying and engaging end users, or simply require a sounding board for your ideas, we are here to help bring your innovations to life.


Bespoke business consultancy Image
Bespoke business consultancy

We adopt a collaborative approach to help our clients transfer their emerging technologies to commercial markets

Technical project management and delivery Image
Technical project management and delivery

We provide project and stakeholder management at all levels to ensure that projects are successfully delivered

ITSM/ITIL Service Lifecycles Image
ITSM/ITIL Service Lifecycles

We help to transition new services into operation by creating strategic business and service frameworks

Business processes and procedures Image
Business processes and procedures

We ensure that all project and service processes are appropriately and correctly documented


RPAS Intelligent Parcel Delivery Image
RPAS Intelligent Parcel Delivery

This European Space Agency co-sponsored project will use RPAS/UAV technology to develop a high-performing, secure and sustainable intelligent parcel delivery (IPD) service for customers in hard-to-reach locations.

i-Motors Image

Jointly funded by government and industry, the i-Motors project will deliver a sustainable V2X communications system for connected and autonomous vehicles, securing a safer and greener future for road use.

Internet of Things Image
Internet of Things

Huduma is involved in a variety of Thames Valley and Oxfordshire-based IoT initiatives, helping to support IoT entrepreneurs and innovators across the region.

Collaborate with us

We offer support that is personalised to each one of our customers, and help businesses grow.